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Performing Arts

Performing arts refers to art such as dance, music, and drama that is performed for an audience. It is different from visual arts which refers to the use of a canvas or similar media for painting or other static art objects. Performing arts includes a wide range of disciplines such as theatre, dance, and music. 

The history of performing arts can be traced back to the times of ancient Egypt and is several centuries old, many of which are still being performed professionally. These types of live performances conducted before an audience are sources of entertainment that have become even more profound and popular because of the evolution of audio and video recording to express a person’s feelings and emotions

People who participate in this type of art performance are known as performers and include comedians, actors, dancers, magicians, musicians, circus artists, and singers. In addition to on-stage performers, performing arts is also supported by people in related fields such as scriptwriters, songwriters, choreographers, and stagecraft specialists. 

There are different types of performing arts which include but are not limited to music, opera, theatre, dance, magic spoken word poetry circus arts, puppetry – even professional wrestling can be seen as a form of performance art. While some types of performance art do not require the use of props, others depend heavily on it – the main one being theatre. 

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