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Pedagogy of Mathematics

Pedagogy of Mathematics

The knowledge of mathematics and the method to teach it are together referred to as the Pedagogy of Mathematics. Mathematics has helped us quantify ideas and to utilize spatial concepts in everyday life. It is used across the world as an essential tool in several fields which include natural science, medicine, and social science. It helps in daily situations but also develops logical reasoning, abstract thinking, and imagination. Hence, it has occupied an important place in every school curriculum and is a compulsory subject all across the world until class X.

However, a lot of children have a sense of fear of failure when it comes to Mathematics in particular. This makes them fear it and drop out of serious mathematical learning. This is disappointing not only to this non-participating majority but also to the minority members who are talented by offering them no challenges. Problems, exercises, and methods of evaluation are repetitive and mechanical with too much emphasis on computation. Areas of mathematics, such as spatial thinking have honestly enough in the curriculum. Most maths teachers also lack confidence, support, and preparation. Giving the children reassurance in the form of comfort in that subject is very important.

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