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Pedagogy Meaning In Tamil

Pedagogy Meaning In Tamil

A lot of people ask for Pedagogy Meaning In Tamil as it is one of the most important subjects for teachers. Pedagogy Meaning In Tamil is கற்பித்தல். Let us know what is pedagogy? Pedagogy is a term used for ‘approach to teaching’. It is the discipline of “how” the knowledge transfer is carried out, rather than “what”. This is done by taking twenty-first-century learning into concern.

This is why senior lecturers opt for data-driven instruction, unlike conventional methodologies. Pedagogy is a term that has evolved by the presence of external factors. These include socioeconomic conditions, political background, and a lot more that influence the learning process. Generally, the practice of pedagogy is based upon the analysis of student needs. This could have a dual-sided effect. The type of interaction during the learning process plays an important role in deciding the outcome.

It has different meanings in terms of the types, theoretical and practical means. With everything accessible, pedagogy is the discipline that helps in organized learning. The teaching skills are developed and nourished to their capacities with the betterment of odds. Today, coaching centers are actively involved in such planned mapping. It involves learning schemes where student responses are recorded and reviewed for the betterment of auditory learning. Pedagogy is driven by the Socratic methodology of learning. This is governed by the use of student data such as the experience and environment

The same is further interlinked with the goals that students set up for themselves. This is usually a relationship-building discipline between the knowledge recipient and the knowledge holder. 

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