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Peace Education

Peace education means providing students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to live in peace. Such programs are being expanded globally because of increased awareness of the need for peace in our world. In a peace education program, students learn about conflicts both within their own culture and in cultures around the world. This helps them develop empathy for other people, understand how conflict could arise, and find nonviolent ways to address problems.

Peace education prepares students to be strong global citizens who can contribute to a peaceful world by fostering understanding among people and working together to improve conditions that give rise to violence. It is a process that begins with the intention of developing and strengthening children’s knowledge and skills in achieving social harmony and peace. It is not merely a study of the causes and consequences of war or of the movements for peace, but also an attempt to generate positive attitudes toward personal relations, one’s environment, and humankind.

It seeks to create a global mindset of cooperation and understanding among nations through the study of nonviolence and conflict resolution. Peace education seeks to understand how people relate to one another, so it often emphasizes languages, culture, social skills, critical thinking, and ethics. It emphasizes the importance of justice, equality, and nonviolent conflict resolution and focuses on enlightening others about their actions and the impact that their actions have on others. It encourages people to think about their own views and how these views may be different from others’ views.

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