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PCB Full Form

PCB Full Form

PCB full form is ‘Physics, Chemistry, Biology’, it can be called an stream altogether. Students who are in eleventh standard do choose and decide their streams within that class or standard. Students have a choice between PCB and PCM which means Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics respectively. Although, PCB will also be considered as a Science stream. Let us understand it more by the following example. Consider Science to be an umbrella term and PCB and PCM coming under that particular term only. Whether the students choose PCB or PCM, it will still be considered as the part of the Science stream. Science stream subjects include elements of scientific theory and practical concepts. These subjects not only impart in-depth knowledge of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the universe but also train students in analytical and problem-solving skills. The scientific component is divided into 2 branches, namely the non-medical component (PCM) and the medical component (PCB). Students should choose their stream very carefully as this single decision affects their whole life.

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1- What are subjects in PCB?

Answer- The subjects in PCB are ‘Physics, Chemistry, and Biology’.

2- Is PCB a part of the Science stream?

Answer- Yes, PCB is a part of the Science stream.

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