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Pausing in Lecture

The term ‘pausing in lecture’ is the act of breaking and creating a disruption in learning. However, if done correctly, the ‘strategic pauses’ taken in lectures instil understanding. It is an essential tool to develop thinking abilities. It could help remote learning in better prospects.

Virtual learning requires more than a tap. It could be a tool that could be used to instil quite a significant amount of information. The revision methodology in a limited amount of time is one example of activity during the ‘pause.’

Pausing in lecture helps in reviewing notes and undertaking some object-based learning activity for students. This could help gather important pieces of information. It is a common occurrence that pieces of information are missed out due to large amounts of data. 

To make a clear impression about the same, the students who achieve high scores often talk of relevant breaks. These are in between activities that are different from conventional learning but related to the syllabus. Today, most coaching centers and senior lecturers adopt this technique. 

It is to develop a concept of reflective learning and to analyze progressive learning for aptitude in students. This helps in continuous improvement and inculcation of flexible learning in students.

Team learning and leadership could be practised very well in student groups. These pauses in lectures are combined with creative methodologies for this purpose.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology