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Participation Certificate

A participation certificate is one that is generally offered to students when they take part in a particular event but do not win the first, second, or third place in it. The concept of a participation certificate was introduced as a means of encouraging participation from students when an event arises. A lot of students considered this to be of no value but it provides much more value than it seems. 

It helps students understand the value of participation which in turn helps them understand the value of teamwork in achieving something. Every school event, especially when it comes to events for children, should have some kind of reward for them for participating in it so that they may foster an interest in that particular activity and try to excel at it. Instead of a plain participation certificate, some schools also provide students with points that they can contribute to a particular house that they belong to (red house, blue house, etc.) where students are grouped together on the basis of their extracurricular strengths so that they can improve upon them based on competitions. 

Participation certificates and points promote students to take part in extracurricular activities which is an essential part of school life and even the curriculum in general. 

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