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Partial Outlines

The term partial outlines comprise a summative assessment of the lecture by giving certain tasks. These tasks are from the lecture- the assessor provides a crucial part to students with blank spaces. The student’s task is to complete the same in a given time frame.

As distance learning has become a necessity, the need for continuous assessment and evaluation is extremely crucial. Hence, the approach of the partial outline has come into use. Usually, senior lecturers use them for the evaluation of the student groups. 

It is an important tool in instructional theory learning, as it helps in high order thinking skill development. It is practised on various levels of learning, such as in-class activity and after class homework. 

The assessment tools play a crucial role in the analysis. The students could undergo accelerated learning and achieve higher exam scores. This has been a notable benefit when compared with conventional methodologies. 

It is why student engagement programs generally comprise lecture wise evaluation. And this can create a learning environment that focuses on assessed knowledge; a feature not seen in face to face learning in several aspects. 

Students who are assessed by the partial outlines method achieve better learning progression. This data is in comparison to their peers. The concept map markings are extremely essential for students’ mind growth. Several coaching centres practice this element in their teaching schemes.

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