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Panel Discussion

A panel discussion is a group discussion where different people come together to discuss a topic. They are joined by other panel members and the discussion takes place in front of an audience. This discussion is typically held in academic, business, or scientific meetings. Moreover, fan conventions and television shows are also a place for a panel discussion. The panel is guided by a moderator who maintains the flow of communication. The objective of having a moderator is to keep the exchange lively and to the point. The panel discussions are informative and entertaining. 

The moderator stands in front of the audience and serves as a medium of interaction between the panel and the available audience. A panel discussion has certain characteristics that include:

  • Thought-provoking and insightful discussion
  • Diverse perspectives on different issues
  • Adding to the audience’s curiosity

Before conducting a discussion, the members or organizers should discuss the topics that need to be covered. Having an agenda in mind is vital to direct the flow of information exchange. Panel members can ask themselves what value they are going to add to or what goal they are hoping to achieve through the discussion. 

Choosing the best panel members is also crucial. Choose the speakers who will be able to cover diverse angles and express their views openly. To conduct a successful discussion, the panelists need to conduct the discussion effortlessly. It should not look like a forced conversation. Students can attend the discussions to expand their knowledge on various academic and non-academic subjects. 

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