Outcome Based Learning

Outcome based learning 

The main focus of outcome based learning is to focus on school programs. It is an educational theory. It is a very flexible and unique approach to learning. The purpose of outcome based learning is to increase the knowledge of students, help them to become competent, and help in promoting orientation learning. When they develop as competent citizens, they will help the country to grow and prosper. In this, the focus of students and teachers is to learn more and more. It is not like pen and paper learning. It is an entirely distinct strategy of learning. They assess the performance and skills of students. Do you know what are the characteristics of outcome based learning? The characteristics are that the instruction by teachers should be in such a way that students can understand it properly and can remember it for a long time, students should be helped when they face any kind of problem while learning, students should be given time to understand the concept properly and then move forward. It is crucial to understand how we can execute it.

The implementation can only be done when the vision and mission of an organization are clear, when the vision is clear they should be turned into goals, and then finally applying the learning solution.

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