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Out of Field Teaching

Out-of-field teaching is an approach under which tutors are assigned to teach the subjects they did not qualify in. It affects student learning in a pessimistic way in case of poor management. 

This is usually seen due to the rigid staff development when there is no backup of human resources. The early retirement of available senior lecturers could also cause the same. As a result, their teaching eligibility is disregarded. 

Students are encouraged to adapt to incompatible teaching methodologies by lecturers who are not experts in the field. This could also be a cause of incomplete information processing. It could also hamper the authentic assessment of reflective learning. 

With this said, the exam preparation could be a difficult activity due to the experiential learning methodology. Improper training and improper cognitive load management by teachers, some key issues that need to be addressed. To address this, the most crucial aspect could be to pre-plan the staff. 

Coaching centres and institutions should hire as per the requirement. This could ensure smooth quantity and quality knowledge transfer practice. The awareness of the vacancies and timely fill-ups must be assessed at regular intervals. This could be followed by a round check-up of the staff opinions through staff meetings.

Today out of field teaching has become a common notion among educational institutions. However, this could create several setbacks in distance learning. It has also been reported to bring out several degradations in quality teaching. 

This issue could only be managed appropriately if the proper focus is put on logical learning and critical thinking. A lot of disparity could be seen among learning styles in students who undergo out of field teaching. 

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