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Oral exam

In an oral exam, the teacher asks questions to their students in a spoken form. The oral exam is a very common type of examination that is conducted in schools, colleges, and universities. Oral exams are also known as viva exams. In this form of exam, teachers ask a variety of questions to gauge their pupils’ knowledge of the subject at hand. In order to demonstrate their understanding, the students will need to carefully answer the questions.

Since they have no chance to engage in any form of academic malpractice or cheating, it is an excellent tool for evaluating the students. Teachers get a thorough understanding of students through this examination. Oral tests can be both formal and informal. The informal examination can be conducted any time- between the lectures, after the completion of a concept, chapter, or syllabus. In a formal examination, students’ performance will be evaluated and will be graded. After the completion of a lab test or lab examination of science subjects, oral examinations are conducted to determine their students’ understanding of the practice test they have done. This improves the efficacy of the learning process.

In addition to this, this examination improves the communication skills of students. Also, teachers can understand their competency in terms of their language skills. In this way, teachers can help students to improve their language speaking skills. These are some of the positive aspects of this test and this exam type can be incorporated by teachers in their pedagogical approach to understanding the effectiveness of their teaching strategies. They can adjust their strategies in light of the results.

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