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विलोम शब्द – Opposite

विलोम शब्द is one of the most searched questions on the internet. In simple words, prefect meaning of विलोम शब्द is the opposite of any word. For instance- tall is the विलोम शब्द for short. People use these words in their day to day talks, for giving references or for making comparisons. Let us discuss in detail a few very famous such words.

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संशय – असंशय
अच्छा – बुरा
राजा – रंक या रानी या प्रजा
पूर्ण – अपूर्ण
स्त्री – पुरुष
कृतज्ञ – कृतघ्न
तुच्छ – महान
गुण – अवगुण
हित – अहित
पक्षपात – निष्पक्ष या पारदर्शी
प्रगतिशील – प्रतिगा

सगुण – निर्गुण
मूक – वाचाल
रुग्ण – स्वस्थ
रक्षक – भक्षक
वरदान – अभिशाप
शुष्क – आर्द्र
हर्ष – शोक
क्षणिक – शाश्वत
विधि – निषेध
विधवा – सधवा
शयन – जागरण
शीत – उष्ण
सक्रिय – निष्क्रय
सफल – असफल
सज्जन – दुर्जन
शुभ – अशुभ
संतोष – असंतोष
समझदार – नासमझ

These above mentioned pair of words are very famous and commonly used विलोम शब्द that people use to comparisons between two people, objects, or things. Making use of these words not only helps the individuals in making their point clear, but also give their words a different value. These are also the very commonly asked questions that studentsprofessional courses see in their school exams. Each vilom shabd contains a weightage of approximately 1 mark.

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