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Odisha Teacher Transfer Portal

The Odisha government launched the Odisha Teacher Transfer Portal to help the government know the position of teachers in the state with respect to their stance on their transfer. Hence, Odisha’s teachers get the facility of applying for transfers in one place and get all the information they require about it there as well. 

Before the whole process was made online, there used to be a lot of fraud that took place with respect to teachers applying for transfers. However, this wasn’t possible anymore once the Odisha Teacher Transfer Portal was created because the application form itself was online and only the teachers who wanted transfers could apply for it, hence eliminating any chances of fraud. 

The biggest advantage of the Odisha Teacher Transfer Portal is that the teachers no longer need to physically go to the department office to request an application and fill out a form, they can do it easily by filling it out online itself. 

For elementary teachers, transfers can be applied for from the Odisha Teacher Transfer Portal, but coming to the eligibility to apply for teacher transfer, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to applying for it. 

  • The teacher gets the facility to apply only for inter-district transfers.
  • The teacher must have completed at least one year and more as a teacher in service to apply for transfer. 
  • Teachers can apply for transfers if they are sick, which can be fastracked if applied through the Health and Family Welfare department of Odisha. 
  • The teachers can apply for transfer inter-district only once through this portal. 

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