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Observational Skills

Observational Skills

Observational skills refer to the capacity to perceive, understand, and recall your environment using all five senses. Because it helps you to be present and aware of the nuances of your daily life, this practice is frequently related to mindfulness. Here are a few tips to increase or improve your observational skills-

1- Look for specifics- Take a few moments each day to stop what you’re doing and attempt to notice as many details as possible in your surroundings. In your area, there are always large or attention-getting objects, but try to look past these to uncover some of the smaller, less noticeable characteristics. For example, in a colleague’s office, you could see the computer, chair, and desk right away, but try to note the color, items on the desk, photos on the walls, and even the carpeting.
2- Keep distractions to a minimum- Electronic devices, a crowded environment, or even your own thoughts can easily divert your attention away from the locations and people around you. Instead of listening to music while walking or commuting to work, try focusing on the sounds and things around you to see what you notice.
3- Keep a note of your observations- Carrying a small journal with you can help you write or sketch the things you see. You might also keep a document on your computer for day-to-day observations.

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