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Objective of Planning

Students should decide the objective of planning. Planning is essential in the subject of education, which is referred to as Educational Planning and is a requirement in today’s culture. The importance of education planning has increased as a result of the complexities of today’s scientifically evolved and technologically advanced society. Educational planning, like any other sort of planning, must consider the best ways to make the most of available resources to realize the greatest possible potential realization of educational goals and objectives, both personal and social. As a result, educational planning can be defined as a systematic plan of action for achieving educational goals and objectives for individual and social development while maximizing available resources. The objective of planning should always be clear. In practice, educational planning is defined as a process utilized by a leader, decision-maker, or change agent, among other things, when functioning as a leader, decision-maker, or change agent. With proper planning, education can be the most effective tool for conserving and promoting society’s future value system, individual way of life, knowledge, skills, and applications, as well as country culture. With good educational planning, the means and purposes of society can adequately interact through the educational system. The objective of planning is very helpful for students. 

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