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Object-Based Learning

Object-Based Learning (OBL) is a different kind of learning process that includes the usage of digital depictions, artworks, and archival materials of unique objects. This student-centered academic approach takes education to the next level resulting in deep learning. Usually, Object-Based Learning (OBL) is held at galleries, archives, museums (GLAM), but OBL can be held in classrooms too.

The objects are leading the way into the learning environment for small group teaching or large group lectures. In this way, using objects can act as multi-sensory “thinking tools” to contribute to learning and engagement.

Object-Based Learning, a device that is used to stimulate the learner’s imagination to aid them and apply their understanding to other contexts and difficult situations. Students are often handed over with a range of visual interpretations, including drawings, images, dynamic visuals, animated visuals, multimedia, and virtual reality environments. Anderson (2006) states that visualizing intentions is a crucial skill for all students. Object-Based Learning (OBL) can aid in this visualization and act as a central point for giving rise to ideas.

Students are asked to physically pick up the object and make judgments about its form, draw meaning from it, make collation to other entities, or discuss its justification. 

The said (OBL) is useful to capture students who don’t respond well to written stuff and can be used to reinforce material placed under the cover in other media. 

Object-Based Learning (OBL) sessions can help increase learning by delivering core expertise, contextualizing content, and explaining difficult concepts.

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