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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For NET

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For NET

NET stands for National Eligibility Test and it is conducted twice in a year. NET is also known as NET exam or UGC NET. The NET exam or NET is a national level exam and it is held by the University Grant Commission commonly known by its acronym UGC. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and dedication to prepare for the NET exams. Along with that, there are a few NET tips and mistakes which candidates must avoid while preparing for the NET exam. Here are the 5 common mistakes to avoid while preparing for the NET examination:

1- Avoid referring to vast study materials

When studying for any exam, one of the most common mistakes applicants make is referring to too many study materials, books, or sources. Collecting and stacking a plethora of reference books, e-files, pdfs, e-books, links, and other materials may cause aspirants to become stressed, resulting in chaos, confusion, and a loss of focus. As a result, one of the most crucial NET exam tips for students is to choose just the most highly recommended, limited, current, and relevant study resources, books, or sources based on the most recent NET exam pattern.

2- Not planning of strategizing in advance

Many NET candidates fail to create a comprehensive NET preparation plan or strategy ahead of time. They have a tendency to construct a plan only as time passes, which does not lead them very far. As a result, the second NET tip advises candidates to create a detailed preparation calendar or timetable that they can stick to on a daily basis. Gather the necessary NET books, pdfs, e-files, links, and so on, and divide the time between each subject and topic. Additionally, set aside some time for practise tests or fake tests, and revise as much as possible.

3- Avoid distractions as well as lapses in concentration

Continuous distractions, as well as gaps in attention, are prevalent ills that wreak havoc on NET applicants’ preparation time. Candidates must understand how important their tests and careers are, and they must maintain their focus. Another NET suggestion for candidates is to set apart time for preparation and leisure activities such as watching TV, surfing social media, messaging, chatting, and calling. It will enable them to focus better and prepare for their NET tests in a more systematic manner.

4- Leaving everything for the last minute

Last-minute studying is one of the most common catastrophic mistakes made by NET applicants. They usually wait till the official notification date to begin studying for the NET exam. As a result, another NET recommendation for applicants is to begin studying for the examinations as early as possible. It will assist them in avoiding time constraints and completing necessary studies and mock test papers.

5- Taking care of mental and physical health

Finally, the most important aspect in the NET guidelines for candidates taking NET exams is that they should not neglect their mental and physical health while studying. It is common for NET aspirants to stay up all night and not eat their meals correctly. It eventually causes individuals to lose motivation and experience emotional distress, making them feel more anxious throughout their NET exam. The NET tip regarding this is that the candidates must take sufficient breaks during their NET preparation to exercise, eat, relax, and sleep properly.

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