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Nursery Syllabus

Nursery is a time in a child’s life when learning goes hand in hand with them being allowed to be children. The nursery syllabus should be a perfect blend of fun and educational content, preferably the latter through the former. 

Here are some of the best topics for the nursery syllabus:

English – Oral

  • Introduction to Alphabets Aa
  • Introduction to Two Letter Words
  • Introduction to Capital Alphabets
  • Introduction to Small Alphabets

English – Written 

  • Holding of Pencil or Crayon
  • Picture Recognition through Alphabet
  • Coloring the Block with the help of Alphabet
  • Matching Similar Alphabets
  • Circling the Pictures That are related to Alphabets
  • Slating Line
  • Zig zag line
  • Circle and Curves
  • Mixed Pattern

Maths – Oral

  • Introduction to Numbers
  • Big and Small Numbers
  • Pre-Maths Concept – Up, Down, Tall, Short, Long, In, Out
  • Shapes – Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle

Maths – Written

  • Coloring the Numbers Block
  • Exercise Related to Big and Small
  • Introduction to Numbers
  • How to make Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle
  • Count and Match Numbers
  • Circle the Correct Number
  • Exercise Related to Concepts


  • Finger Painting 
  • Cotton Dabbing
  • Vegetable Printing
  • Sponge Printing
  • Coloring
  • Animal Collage Printing
  • Transport Collage Printing

Rhymes and Stories

  • Reciting Poetry 
  • Historical Stories
  • Funny Stories
  • Cartoon Stories
  • Patriotism Stories

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