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NTT Course

NTT course (Nursery Teachers’ Training) is a diploma program for teachers who want to educate and care for preschool and kindergarten students. Before joining a workforce of several other pre-school teachers, this teacher workforce must finish a general TT course. The NTT course is meant to help students who want to be pre-school teachers with the young brains of nursery children. The course provides instructors who engage in this TT course with a variety of approaches that are necessary for teaching young students and are important for their physical, cognitive, and social development. Teachers are also taught a range of ways to assist them in better understanding and implementing their professional responsibilities. A few of the primary topics discussed include instructional strategies, child psychology, classroom management, and cognitive development. In the NTT course, certain national and international standards are reflected in the course fees of various institutes. At the nursery level, teachers are well-versed in all disciplines and techniques of communication that are more easily understood by young brains. Teachers need the most up-to-date training methods to ensure that students who have just joined the world of formal education understand the foundations. Because teachers serve as role models for imparting morals, habits, and character in these young minds, being a good Nursery teacher needs great communication skills.

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