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NSS Full Form

NSS Full Form

NSS full form is National Service Scheme. NSS is an initiative by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and India’s Central Sector Scheme of Government. It allows higher secondary students, and college and university students to take part in various government-led community services and activities. The motto of NSS is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’. The program was established in 1969 with the intention of giving students a chance to participate in community service.

The National Service Scheme volunteers wear a badge to signify their commitment to and sense of responsibility towards society.

Significance of the NSS Badge

  • The badge has the Konark wheel that has 8 bars that represent 24 hours of a day. It represents that members are always ready to serve the nation and provide service to the needy. 
  • The energy and spirit of the NSS volunteers are depicted through the red color on the badge.
  • The color blue represents the cosmos, of which the NSS is a small part and is prepared to contribute its fair contribution to the wellbeing of humanity.

Benefits of NSS

An NSS volunteer has a number of benefits. They will have the opportunity to carry out the tasks of a social leader, and an administrator. This initiative helps them to understand human nature. This teaches them to be more sensitive and empathetic towards their fellow human beings. 

NSS Camp

A 7 days camp is organized for the volunteers every year for the smooth running of the NSS. These camps are called National Integration Camps. This camp gives volunteers an insight into the cultural diversity of India and its history. They learn more about India and the importance that social services play in the betterment of our society.

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