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Notice Writing

Notice is written to make an announcement or inform people about the changes or alterations. This written information is displayed in public places to make them reach a wider audience. Moreover, they can be published in the newspapers or magazines so that many people can know about the changes at a time. Schools also use this kind of information-sharing process. Moreover, they also want their students to learn notice writing techniques. They teach different tips to make their students draft proper notices, and some important tips are:

  • Adhere to the word limit
  • Keep it crisp and short
  • Do not fluff with unnecessary words or information
  • Write the word NOTICE at the top
  • Mention the name of the institution issuing the notice
  • Take care of the heading and choose an appropriate one
  • Mention the date of issuing the notice before its publication
  • Mention who is being addressed in the notice
  • Write the purpose
  • Mention relevant details
  • Mention the signature, date, and designation of the person issuing the notice
  • Put it in a box

Notice writing is a part of the English syllabus in schools. Moreover, CBSE class 12 students are asked to write notices in their board exams. 

Notice Writing Format 

Notice is always written in a box. The format for it is:


(Name of the Organization)


Content including target group, date, time, venue, and all important details




Students must follow the format mentioned above to get good marks on the questions that ask students to write notices. They should remember to follow the word limit when drafting a notice. 

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