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Notice Board

A notice board, in the general sense of the term, is a board that is used for the purpose of displaying notices. It is usually seen in schools and colleges to show what students have done or is used as a means of communicating a message with the students. 

A notice board is generally placed at a commonplace in the school, college, or office – usually at the entrance or a lounge where it is easy to access by everyone. The notices that are generally put up in a school are the achievements of students, important updates of upcoming events, timetables for exams, etc. In offices, it may be about upcoming events, deadlines, employee achievement appreciation, etc. 

The first and most obvious use case of notice boards is the aspect of ease of communication. Because of the relative ease of accessibility of the contents of the notice board, it saves a lot of people time and energy they would otherwise have to invest in going out of their way to see updates about something happening in their school, college, or workplace. In a school setting, this can also serve as a meeting place for people and a place where they can socialize with one another, hence bringing about a sense of unity among the students. The events that are promoted will bring together people with common interests, hence giving people a chance to connect. 

Today, traditional notice boards are being replaced by display boards that are run on low-power display boards, hence making announcements and alerts very easy to put up. Additionally, there is no more wastage of paper. 
Even though they sound similar, a bulletin board is not the same as a notice board, and a bulletin board is not the same as a vision board. Click on the respective links to learn more about them.

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