No Dues Certificate

A No Dues Certificate is a certificate in school or college that signifies that the student has no pending allowances that need to be paid by the student to the institution in the form of fines, fees, and so on. Acquiring a No Dues Certificate means that the person is free to leave the institution after completion of the degree because there are no pending payments on the side of the students. 

A no dues certificate is issued at the end of the academic year or at the end of the course. This is done before the transfer certificate or school leaving certificate is issued because that is what makes the institution guarantee that the student pays the institution before leaving. The possible dues that school and college students can have while studying in the institution are

  • Fines related to labs 
  • Fines related to late payment of fees
  • Pending fee payments 
  • Library books that are yet to be given back to the institution, and so on

No Dues Certificate is not only for students in school but also for other organizations that have the same system in place. It essentially assesses the student’s debts to the school and provides them an ultimatum to cover it.

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