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NLP Trainer

NLP full form is Neuro-linguistic programming. It was developed in the early 1970s and is based on the premise that behavior has structure. The words that are made use of reflect the subconscious perception of our problems. In simple terms, our attitudes toward past experiences have a direct effect on how we behave today as well as in the future. An NLP trainer look at how people see themselves as well as their attitudes toward illness, which impacts the body’s self-healing ability directly. Helping patients see their condition in a different light can help induce self-healing and reverse what they had perceived as a hopeless situation.

To become an NLP Trainer, you will need to take an NLP training course work which must cover the following:

  • History and origins of NLP
  • Subjective experience
  • Understanding how the brain learns
  • Association/dissociation
  • NLP communication model
  • Changing personal history
  • Perceptual positions

Certification in neurolinguistic programming is available via seminar programs, several of which offered certification in both life coaching as well as NLP. Depending on the program, it is possible to learn neurolinguistic programming in one to two weeks of seminar time. Some schools might even offer different levels of training for NLP trainers and life coaches looking towards learning specialized NLP skills. Education for a person to become an NLP trainer ranges in fee from $2,500 to $6,000 per one- to two-week seminars. Such schools typically offer seminars via the course of the year as well as in different regions of the country to offer students to learn neurolinguistic programming on a much more flexible schedule.

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