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NIPUN Bharat Mission

The Education Ministry of India launched the NIPUN Bharat Mission, or National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy, as part of the National Education Policy 2020.

This program ensures that every child in India acquires fundamental numeracy and literacy skills by the end of Grade 3. NIPUN Bharat aims to transform the mundane education system into one that is integrated, enjoyable, all-inclusive, and engaging.

It directs teachers or educators to create a study plan that will help students improve their literary and basic language skills. Furthermore, as part of Samagra Siksha, it will work to retain students until they have completed their foundational learning, improve learning or training modules, increase teacher capacity, and track each child’s progress. The NIPUN mission intends to achieve the discussed objectives by 2026-27.

Beneficiaries of NIPUN Bharat Mission?

The scheme’s beneficiaries are listed below.

  • This program focuses on children aged 3 to 9 years.
  • It also helps students from preschool to grade three.
  • Children in classes 4 and 5 who lack foundational skills will be offered peer support, tutor guidance, and additional learning materials to help them improve their academic performance.
  • NIPUN intends to complete its goals for private and government-aided schools by 2026-27. This will contribute to the universal attainment of FLN skills.

The NIPUN scheme provides the following benefits to beneficiaries.

  • This scheme’s targets or goals are similar to those of the Target for Literacy Foundation and Numeracy or Lakshya Soochi.
  • It intends to complete the expected learning outcome by the end of class three. This scheme has moved Lakshyas from Balvatika to class three to raise awareness about this goal among parents, volunteers, the community, and others.
  • Lakshyas is based on the findings of international studies and ORF studies. The curriculum is also planned by the NCERT.
  • It adheres to a five-tier implementation mechanism established at the National-State-District-Block-School level in all states and territories.
  • Under NISHTHA, the NIPUN scheme provides a special package for FLN. Pre-primary to primary grade teachers will be trained under this plan.

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