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NIPER stands for National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. It is an institute of national importance based in Hyderabad, India. NIPER aims to foster excellence in the field of pharma education. It was established with the objective to strengthen the Indian pharma industry in obtaining quality medicines at affordable prices. 

Other objectives behind the establishment of NIPER are:

  • Enhancement of creativity and motivation in students and help them achieve the highest order of professionalism. 
  • To strengthen academics and research and development through training and exposure. 
  • To build a collaborative space among various industries. These fields include biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and information technology.
  • Create a world-class institute for developments in teaching and research in pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To foster the training of teachers, regulators, and researchers in their respective fields.
  • Extend national and international collaboration in pharmaceutical sciences.

NIPER gives extra focus on the development and discovery of new drugs. The focus areas for drug discovery and development are cancer, diabetes, inflammation, infectious and rare diseases. Moreover, there is a separate department for medicinal chemistry. This department works in multidisciplinary research like organic synthesis. The objective of this department is to design and synthesize new chemical entities for various diseases. 

Students willing to take admission to this institute need to appear for a JEE exam organized and conducted by NIPER. The institute releases notification before taking admission to this course. Students can check electronic and print media to know about the eligibility criteria and exam dates. They can download the information brochure for more details. 

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