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Night School

Night school offers classes in the evening or at night to adults who are working during day time. Night schools are very popular among adults as they get an opportunity to continue their education that they had to drop because of any reason or to hone their skills. Night schools are a blessing for people who are looking for a career transition. If a person is looking for a promotion but lacks the skill for that profession he/ she can attend night school to upscale their skill sets and knowledge.

Some night classes offer artistic skills like singing, dancing, drawing etc. This helps students to pursue their passion while working. It helps them to unleash their creativity. Students may attend after-hours classes in high schools and middle schools. These could be remedial classes for weak students aiming for their academic excellence. These aid them to keep up with other students in their class. If one student is unable to score well in a particular class, they can attend night classes. 

Also, they are night classes for people to improve their language skills. If any person wants to learn a new language or improve their language skills. They can attend these classes to work on their grammar and learn all the aspects of the language. 

The beginning of night school was like this, the Phule couple established a night school for agriculturalists and labourers in 1855. Many underprivileged people could not attend school because of their work. The Phule couple started night school as a solution to this. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology