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NIEPA stands for National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration. In 1962, NIEPA was established by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It is located in New Delhi, India. NIEPA is associated with research, development, and management work in India and South Asia’s education sector.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. N.V. Varghese heads the university. It offers admission to full-time and Part-time PH. D., Diploma, educational training, M.Phil. and consultancy services. Every year, NIEPA organizes seminars, conferences at the national and international levels. A lot of administrators and senior planners participate in the program run by this university.

National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration works to provide training programs for educational and administrative purposes. Its core objective is to organize, promote, and coordinate refresher courses across India. They guide other agencies and institutions in their educational strategies. NIEPA is also engaged in building a network with other similar institutions for better growth.

The methodology used by NIEPA is technologically advanced and user-friendly. It has adopted presentations, practical work, group discussions, case studies, audio-visual aids, assessment tools, and a structured strategy.

It is committed to contributing to the education sector by finding solutions to the current governance and management problems. The Department of Education Policy of NIEPA provides feedback to the government related to the ongoing policies. It gives a platform for open discussions on the related matter. It has a Project Management Unit, which manages all the activities and projects under the university.

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