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Neo-Marxism is an economic theory that claims the existing global economic structure was methodically achieved through the use of global class division, with developing countries exploited by industrialized nations. Neo-Marxism is a term that is frequently used to convey opposition to global inequities encountered by developing countries. Neo Marxism’s key tenets are as follows: Neo-Marxism holds imperialism responsible for underdevelopment. Rather than the economic focus of Marx’s original writings, Neo-Marxism emphasizes the cultural components of class strife. Neo-Marxists based their beliefs on three factors: underdevelopment, development, and the world system. Underdevelopment is one of the reasons for Neo-Marxism. According to Neo-Marxism, the globe is split into developed and underdeveloped countries. And poor countries are the fault of developed countries. Dependency – According to Neo Marxists, there is dependency in the world. Developing countries rely on developed countries for their survival. The World System follows, with the world separated into three groups: Core, Semi Periphery, and Periphery. The resources of the periphery and periphery are used by core countries. Neo-Marxists agree with liberals that individual liberty is the most essential political value, and that modern capitalism provides it in a variety of ways to all members of society, including proletarians. To begin with, all individuals of a capitalist society are legally free (including workers and capitalists). Second, any worker is always free to leave the proletariat and become a small bourgeois or even a capitalist, both legally and monetarily. However, under a capitalist society, “the proletariat is an imprisoned class,” even if “most proletarians are free to exit the proletariat, indeed even if all are.” Third, capitalism has provided “significant liberties beyond the ability to purchase and sell.” ‘Freedom of expression, assembly, religion, publication, movement, and political engagement’ are among them.

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