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NEET Preparation

Clearing the NEET exam is very important for all the students of India who want to become doctors. Knowing the syllabus of the exam is very important before starting to prepare for it. All preparation will be of no use if the applicant is not familiar with the sections, chapters, and concepts of the NEET program. Knowing every detail will be important in strategizing the NEET preparation. Time-division for each section can only be done once the candidate is familiar with the program. One of the best tips for NEET preparation might be to study from the best books possible. While the NCERT books are the most important books to be prepared with, other relevant resources can also help. Aspirants should keep certain points in mind when choosing the best books for NEET. The material will help clarify basic concepts and themes and will also help in designing a strategy to solve questions quickly. When students start NEET preparation, they should mark the concepts that they find difficult in each chapter. Students should spend more time on revision and solving questions based on these concepts. Write complex formulas and read them over and over again over. Just a mock test is not enough, there is a need to go back and see where you went wrong and clarify these concepts by consulting your reference book or teacher. It will prepare students better and prevent them from making the same mistakes again. The examiners are known to maintain standard difficulty levels throughout the NEET exam. Taking the previous year’s questions will tell you what to expect in the exam. Mock tests which are available online are designed at some higher level. Use them to sharpen time management skills during the exam.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology