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NCERT Full Form

NCERT Full Form is one of the most frequently asked questions on google and even many question papers have NCERT Full-Form as a question in the question paper. NCERT Full-Form can also be seen written on the top of many books. NCERT Full-Form is the ”National Council of Educational Research and Training”

In 1916, under the Societies Registration Act, the National Council of Educational Research and Training Organisation was established by the Government of India. The headquarters of the National Council of Educational Research and Training Institute is located in New Delhi. Dr. Hrushikesh Senapati is the director of NCERT.  

This council’s objective is to promote and conduct educational research, come up with innovative ideas, perform experimentation, and practice. This helps develop the national curriculum framework for books, syllabus, and training models plus exam strategies

The NCERT provides the training to fresher teachers of both state and national level functionaries. It assists in collaborating with National and international organizations to establish the best education platform in the country. It is a pivotal part of the education sector.

The NCERT is also behind the formation of the National Science Talent Search scheme, which aims to identify and nurture the new talents i.e., students of India and reward them with scholarships. 

The NCERT also examines the board classes such as class 10, class 12, and other class students in India.  They also revise the curriculum framework in national policy on education for the students, so the students can get the most of the education imparted and develop their best professional careers. 

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