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NCERT books

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) was set up in 1961 to provide quality education in all schools around the country. The council assists and advises central and state governments on policies and programs for improved learning in classrooms. As a part of improving the education quality, the organization also publishes NCERT books. 

NCERT books are easy to understand and give on-point solutions to students. Moreover, the books also serve as reference material for various examinations. Students can use the books to prepare for NEET and JEE mains examinations. NCERT books are also available as PDFs for classes 1 to 12. The books are published in Hindi, English, and Urdu to help students understand the subject in detail. 

NCERT books are one of the simplest and most conceptual books available for students. In addition, the language can be understood easily. The books are published to make studying easier for students. As a result, if students read every line, they will understand the topic in depth. Moreover, they will develop an interest in the subject. The books can be downloaded from the official website of NCERT.

The benefits of using the books are:

  • Offers in-depth knowledge 

The books are written after extensive research by experts. Hence, they offer in-depth knowledge and help students understand the topics clearly.

  • Clears all fundamental concept

If students are facing difficulties understanding a particular topic, they can use the NCERT textbooks to clear their doubts. 

  • Best for the CBSE board exams

Going through previous year’s question papers and NCERT textbooks helps students prepare for CBSE board exams. 

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