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National Professional Standards for Teachers

NPST full form stands for National Professional Standards for Teachers, which is a statement of quality that describes the high-quality efficiency standard requirements of educators.  Following this, schools, colleges and universities try to train professionals into a teaching role that fosters student development by improving their performance and enhancing the quality of education they receive.

The 21st century presents us with multiple complexities that students of the present generation deal with. An institution can perform better and train its educators by implementing the NPST guidelines thoroughly. The basic objective provided by NEP 2020 was to restructure present-day education and the methodologies of teaching, suggesting advanced mediums to allow teachers to connect with students better and improve learning quality. 

What are the Key Features of NPST?

As the NPST full form suggests, it’s a National Professional Standard, hence its key feature is to promote a teacher’s quality. It ties certain expectations to the teachers that might reflect their diverse areas of expertise in teaching, and skills necessary to boost student performance. It boosts their performance in the classroom too, giving them better career opportunities for the future. Most importantly, the NPST is thoroughly revised with changing times to follow updated techniques of skill & performance evaluation.

It focuses on the core values and professional understanding of teachers, learning and development through experience and personal reflection, practice and delivery with constant learning and efficiency in using classroom educational methodologies.

What is the goal of the education policy NPST?

This policy aims at evaluating the professional performance, knowledge, skill and understanding of teachers. The basic goal is to have a clear set standard for every institution to follow. Using this, schools, colleges and universities have set expectations from particular experts that guarantee enhanced learning in a classroom, and overall student development. It also aims to benefit professional teachers by giving them the area opportunity to improve and meet quality standards by closely following the NPST standards.

What are the four career stages described in NPST?

Teachers can begin their professional journey as a Praggami Shikshak or the beginner teacher, followed by a Proficient teacher or Praveen Shikshak, Expert teacher or Kushal Shikshak and Lead teacher or Pramukh Shikshak.

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