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Moral Education

Moral Education

What is Moral Education? Why is Moral Education important for the students? Why should schools incorporate Moral education as a part of their curriculum? These are some of the mainly asked questions about moral education. Let us understand what moral education is? Moral Education is a subject that helps the teachers in helping the students in learning the value and virtues that would make them a good human being in a longer run. These virtues and values are important for the students as it helps them in being a better person for their entire life. Just like schools dedicate specific hours for teaching the other subjects like Mathematics, English, Hindi, General Knowledge, etc. the schools should also dedicate specific hours for teaching moral values or moral education. Teachers can use methods like story telling, poem recitation, or using real life examples, in order make the whole concept of value education more relatable for the students. Some of the core values that the teachers should surely focus on are-

1- Gratitude

2- Respect for others

3- Discipline

4- Honesty

5- Fairness

6- Kindness

7- Politeness

8- Perseverance

These are some of the major values that the students should definitely learn from their teachers while they are still in school.

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