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Montessori Teaching

Montessori teaching involves taking care of the little kids by using creative skills and knowledge to learn. Montessori teachers’ training is a prominent method to teach small children till today.  This method of teaching came in practise in 1970 after Maria Montessori of Italy started teaching impaired kids by providing them the right learning environment. It has remained successful in diverse nations with different cultures all across the world. 

With Montessori teaching, the kids get the opportunity to understand and develop their true potential. The teachers use creative game-based learning methods to keep the little ones engaged, responsible, competent while helping them find their creative magic. They have the training and skills to make the children understand their capabilities and explore their creativity and interests which can help them find their life path. The Montessori teaching method’s approach values the human spirit and the development of a child in social, cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects. 

One of the most important features of this method is to ensure mutual respect between the child and the parent. It is necessary to understand that each child is unique and they all have their own learning pace and way of doing things. This observation can help the Montessori teacher to create an environment which can bring the most out of a particular activity while ensuring the comfort of a child. 

Montessori teachers have to function by becoming a role model, demonstrator, record keeper, and observer of a child’s growth and behavior.

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