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Montessori Teachers’ Training

Montessori Teachers’ Training came into the picture when Maria Montessori of Italy afer completing her graduation in 1970 started teaching mentally impaired children. She observed that kids can be taught anything if they are provided the right environment, materials and guidance.

Montessori Teachers’ Training remains one of the vital aspects of kindergarten education. It helps the teachers to gain hands-on learning experience with several self-directed activities along with collaborative play. There are seven principles of Montessori based on which the teachers are trained. 

  1. Playtime is essential. It is a form of self-expression for the child.
  2. Ensuring a prepared environment (maintaing a routine or an order). This allows the children to navigate their way out easily.
  3. Encouraging exploration. This brings a sense of achievement in the child.
  4. Providing Hands-on learning. This helps the child to retain the information.
  5. Observing the small details or activities of the children. This helps in creating an environment which can enhance a particular interest of the child.
  6. Independence to do things while keeping boundaries. Giving them the opportunity to choose from the options which are best for them. This means providing the right direction or path.
  7. Creating an environment of mutual respect between the child and the parent. Understanding their way of learning is essential.

The teachers undergoing Montessori Teachers’ Training end up becoming trained professionals who deal effectively with kids.

Montessori Teachers’ Training promotes active learning with creative activities among the teachers. They gain these skills that play a significant role in making the kids learn in a manner that is easier for the child to adapt to. As we know, children love to explore knowledge on their own and even in a group to develop their unlimited potential, this training encourages the teachers to give the child their space to explore their own interests.

With Montessori Teachers Training, the teachers learn to make beautiful classrooms places that promote the right learning environment for the kids. Everything present in the classroom plays an essential role in the learning process of kids. 

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