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The word moderator is a common term you see today on TV channels, social media, and even Discord servers. However, the meaning of the term moderator is different based on the context in which it is used. In the context of social media, a moderator is someone who makes sure that all the rules are followed in the community they are in. The moderator in a debate is one who makes sure that both sides get their turn and there is no cross-questioning while the debates make their initial statements. Similarly, in an exam hall, a moderator is someone who makes sure that all the students are writing the exam according to the rules and keep an eye out for any inappropriate practices within the exam hall. 

The job of the moderator is to maintain decorum in the exam hall and ensure the fair conduct of an exam. They are generally responsible for the invigilation of an exam and the unbiased outcome of the same. Most systems, be it social media or school, do not make use of external people as moderators. They are usually people who are within the system and have worked in that particular field or work for a while. For example, most people who become moderators in an exam hall are teachers who have already conducted exams at the school level or who have had experience in maintaining decorum and discipline in a classroom setting. 

To be a moderator, all you need to have is a few years of experience as a teacher. They usually get paid a little extra for their service but it is generally seen as an extension of their duty as a teacher and not as a completely different role altogether. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology