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सूक्ष्म शिक्षण – Micro Teaching

सूक्ष्म शिक्षण is one of the most searched words on the internet. People often ask questions like ‘what is सूक्ष्म शिक्षण’ or ‘what is the meaning of सूक्ष्म शिक्षण in English’, etc. This article would answer all such questions.

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सूक्ष्म शिक्षण is nothing but a Hindi name for the term Micro Teaching. Micro teaching is a teaching technique that helps the teachers in understanding their job responsibilities better. Microteaching can also be called an innovative training method in which a teacher trainee or a student-teacher leads a lesson for a small number of students for a short period of time. This is meant to help teachers improve their abilities. This method has proven to be effective because it focuses on a single ability at a time. It is critical to have micro-teaching abilities.

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Micro teaching involves various steps and is a good procedure that helps the teaching individuals in understanding the teaching process better. The basics of micro-teaching revolve around the six ideas given below. Let us take a thorough look at the process of micro teaching.

1- Plan

2- Teach

3- Observe

4- Re-plan

5- Re-teach

6- Re-observe


1- What is the meaning of सूक्ष्म शिक्षण in English?

Answer- The meaning of सूक्ष्म शिक्षण in English is Micro Teaching.

2- What is सूक्ष्म शिक्षण?

Answer- सूक्ष्म शिक्षण is a training method that most teachers use.

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