MHRD is the organization named as the Ministry of Human Resource and Development. These organizations come under the Ministry of Education. 

MHRD is responsible for the development of the necessary infrastructure for the education sector. They frame policies as well as execute them for the actual development. The motto of the organization is to establish model education in the country. It will help in making the socio-economic threads of the country strong. 

MHRD holds the locus of control of two departments. The first one is the Department of School Education and Literacy. This organization provides learning technology, scholastic development of students, scholarship of teaching and learning, and many other benefits for students. 

The second organization is the Department of Higher Education. It takes care of the college remediation, higher secondary studies, and higher studies at the global level. 

The main objective of the MHRD is to form the NEP (New Education Policy) effectively. Many smaller goals, such as the development of education infrastructure, education to weaker classes, improvement in learning style, and many other goals, are formulated from time to time. 

The fast-changing world has raised everyone’s concentration towards the development and advancement of students to that level. The current teaching pedagogy can not train students to compete or meet the level of advanced technology. 

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