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MEM Degree

MEM stands for Masters in Engineering Management. A MEM degree is a professional master’s degree that is exclusively designed to bridge the gap between the fields of engineering, technology, and management. Often known as the ‘MBA for Engineers’ or the  ‘Engineer’s MBA’, the MEM degree is an ideal choice among engineering graduates who want to combine their technical skills with business skills and hence move to a higher managerial role with a technological core. Even though it may seem like the degree is meant for engineers to improve their management skills alone, the fact of the matter is that a Masters in Engineering Management program provides students with a broader perspective to solve problems that are associated with more dynamic and complex systems. The program not only offers in-depth technical and managerial skills but also offers all the necessary training required to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. MEM degree holders can be viewed to be more aware of issues such as social and cultural ramifications of a particular problem and the complex ethics associated with it, etc than a traditional master’s degree holder. A traditional engineering degree will not provide the learner with such a broad outlook.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology