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Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with a combination of mathematical principles that govern the science of materials, their design, analysis, manufacture and maintenance, and engineering physics. It is one of the oldest branches of engineering and can also be considered the broadest. The mechanical engineering syllabus, hence, would include aspects of all the above-mentioned subjects. 

This includes mechanics of solids, mechanics of fluids, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, solid-state mechanics, manufacturing technology, kinematics of machinery, machine drawing, the dynamics of machinery, electrical machines, machine design, mechanical measurement, heat and mass transfer, design of machine elements, control systems, industrial engineering and operation research, applied mathematics, applied thermodynamics, and the lab assessments of all these. 

To get into the mechanical engineering field, one requires an understanding of core areas of the subject such as mechanics, dynamics, materials science, structural analysis, electricity, and thermodynamics.  In addition to these, mechanical engineers also need to use tools such as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided design (CAD), and product lifecycle management in order for them to design and analyze manufacturing plants, heating and cooling systems,  industrial equipment and machinery, transport systems, watercraft, robotics, aircraft, medical devices, weapons, among others. This is the branch of engineering that is involved in the design, production, and operation of all types of machinery.
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