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Meaning of Summative Assessment

Meaning of Summative Assessment is evaluating a student’s learning. This evaluation is generally performed at the end of the unit or a course. The assessment is done keeping in mind a benchmark or a standard. The teacher creates a program which tests a student’s understanding of that topic. Meaning of summative assessment focuses on the outcome of that program.

Another name for summative assessment is assessment for learning. The meaning of summative assessment can be understood with the help of some examples. This method includes mid-term exams, quiz, project work, interview, survey, etc. The examinations or quizzes are organized regularly within a group. These methods summarise the overall learning acquired by a student.

Summative assessment is associated with how much the students have learnt and understood throughout the course term. These evaluations can identify a student’s progress, and can assess the interest of a student in a particular topic or subject matter. It helps the teachers make improvements in their teaching pattern or structures.

Teachers should consider the features of summative assessment. They should ensure that the test covers every section of the topic. It should not be of a longer duration, so that the students don’t get exhausted. Meaning of summative assessment itself means meeting the objective of student learning. In this case, the evaluation must be done to make sure that students acquire maximum knowledge.

The information collected through this method is of great importance. It can lead to better growth of students in every area. This approach can be applied to not just academics, but also sports, music, drama, etc.

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