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MCA Full Form

MCA Full Form 
We have heard about the course MCA, all the students should know the MCA full form. MCA full form is a common abbreviation which means Master of Computer Application. Students can complete their MCA after doing BCA which is known as Bachelor of computer application. This is not a course which requires computers as the main subject in class 12th. If students do not like computers then they should not take the BCA course after class 12th. Without a good percentage in BCA students are not eligible to do MCA. Students need to do a lot of hard work to score a good percentage in BCA. It is not a difficult course but does not mean that students do not need to spend time on it. Students will be able to get better job opportunities after doing Master of Computer Application which is the MCA full form. Students need to set a proper schedule and practice programming daily and learn about new things regularly. There is no need to hurry while selecting a suitable college or university for doing an MCA course. Select the college or university which has good education and updated computers to study properly. Overall MCA is a very good course for all the students who like to work on computers. Students should be updated about the advancement in technology. After doing MCA students can apply for internships and good jobs to get experience. There are many apps available nowadays where students can apply for good jobs.


1- What does MCA stand for?

Answer- MCA stands for Master of Computer Application

2- Can MCA be pursued after 12th?

Answer- No, a BCA degree is important in order to pursue MCA

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