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Mastery Learning

Mastery learning is a strategy to instruct and educate students on a particular subject or area of interest. It can be an individual, group-based teaching, or self-learning techniques. It is a step-by-step method of achieving the desired result. Mastery of learning states that a student must gain expertise in the current topic, and then proceed to the next step. Students are not forced to study, but are allowed to move at their own pace.

Mastery learning involves a lot of instructional methods for educating students. These methods can be cognitive teaching styles, that implies the use of logical or reasoning concepts. The study pattern of students is designed in a specific order. Students must follow that order so that they can achieve the maximum benefit from this method of education.

This concept was introduced in the 1920s in American schools. It involved complete engagement of students to master a topic. When students fail to attain mastery on the current topics, they are tutored more on the subject matter. They are provided counselling when required. To identify the focus areas, group-discussions are organized. It helps in improving the method of teaching. Mastery of learning assists students to reach their maximum potential.

Even though the structure for mastery learning varies, the basic remains the same. It includes a set of tests for evaluating the student’s performance, regularly monitoring the progress to identify a student’s learning pace, providing feedback on their performance, and repeating the same in case a student does not perform as desired. This concept makes use of technological tools to develop a smooth process of learning and teaching.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology