Mastery Based Learning

Mastery based learning is a great Instructional approach. In this type of learning students need to demonstrate a deep level of understanding of a topic or subject area before moving to another topic or subject area. Through it, students must attain a given level set by their teachers to move forward. Mastery based learning works on the idea of narrowing achievement gaps between students in the same classroom. Mastery learning is an approach to education based on the idea that students should master fundamentals before moving on to more advanced topics. For example, a student in calculus would stay with a unit until they completely understand it. This requires that students move through topics at their speed. In this, teachers work together to prioritize common learning goals for their grade level and course, to determine a shared understanding of what is considered mastery, and design a variety of learning activities to help students with different learning styles develop the knowledge.

Schools use this type of learning to raise academic standards, ensure that more students meet those higher expectations, and graduate more students better prepared for adult life. Students are given many chances to improve their work when they fail to meet expected standards.

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