Masters in Data Science

Data science is a dynamic field that is currently becoming increasingly valuable to several companies – small, large, and mid-size. From the act of capturing data to the communication of the results, data scientists play a very important role in helping businesses make strategic decisions and optimize outcomes. Where it traditionally encompassed data mining, programming skills, and analyzing sets of data, data science today is expansive and involves looking at the entire data science life cycle. One of the tools to help data scientists advance in the field is a Masters in Data Science. 

In the business world, a masters in data science can help professionals develop an understanding of the market as well as consumer trends. Data science is often made use of to collect information, but generally has different end goals such as gathering census data to be made use of by public policy professionals or statistics about diseases in order to inform public health policy, medical solutions, and recommendations.

Earning a masters in data science can help gain a broad skill set that can be applied to a wide number of tech-related careers like data engineering, data architecture, or computer programming. In this advanced degree program, the student can expect to dive into essential concepts in the following areas:

  • Applied Statistics
  • Database Systems and Data Preparation
  • Practical Machine Learning

They will also learn how to use programming languages such as Python, R, and SQL.

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