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Magna Carta of Indian Education

The British government implemented an act in 1854 during pre-independent India. This act was implemented to spread western education in India, and provide an educated workforce to the British government. After the British left India, the Indian government followed the same pattern to spread education in the country. This is known as the magna carta of Indian education. 

As the act was passed by Sir Charles Wood, Woods Dispatch is known as the Magna Carta of Indian Education. The Britishers established education charter in every province of India. As a result, Universities of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras were opened. The aim of these universities was to provide higher education and help the British government appoint clerical workforce. However, the woods Dispatch have some objectives, including:

  • To impart western education and information about the western culture to Indians.
  • To provide education to Indian people to create a class of public servants 
  • To provide education opportunities to women
  • To promote intellectual and moral development
  • Grants-in-aid to encourage private enterprise

Woods Dispatch also established schools and colleges of women education. As a part of spreading western education in India, the British government inaugurated Bethune School for women’s education in India. 

The Magna Carta of Indian Education helped spread knowledge in all sections of the society. Moreover, it exposed Indians to the western education system and their culture. The aim of this charter was to provide educated workforce to the British government, but it also helped in spreading education across India. The establishment of various universities improved the education system in the country. 

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