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Magadh University

Magadh University
Magadh University is a public university and higher education institution in Bihar, India. The University Grants Commission recognizes it. The Bihar State University Act of 1976 governs the university. More than 150 teachers teach in the University and more than 2000 teachers are associated with the colleges affiliated by the University. In addition to department libraries, the institution features a multi-story library, the Mannulal Central Library. There are around 162,245 books, manuscripts, and other reading materials in the central library. It houses a diverse collection of ancient and modern literature and books, as well as national and international magazines. For teaching and research, all scientific departments, including Psychology and Geography, have well-equipped laboratories. All departments have access to research facilities. The Science Labs are equipped with cutting-edge research technology. On campus, there are eight hostels that can accommodate 1500 students. There is one girls’ hostel that can house 150 students. The University Health Centre-cum-Dispensary is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides medical services to students, instructors, and other staff who live on and off campus. The Magadh University in short is considered as a top University of Bihar.

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