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LS Full Form

LS Full Form 

LS full form is Learning sciences. 

Learning sciences refers to an interdisciplinary field that works towards further humanistic scientific and critical theoretical understanding of learning and engaging in the design and implementation of learning innovations as well as the improvement of educational methodologies. LS research typically focuses on 

  • Social psychological aspects of learning 
  • Cultural psychological aspects of learning
  • Cognitive psychological aspects of learning
  • Critical theoretical foundations of human learning
  • The practical design of learning environments

Some of the major contributing fields to learning sciences including 

  • Cognitive science
  • Computer science
  • Educational psychology 
  • Anthropology 
  • Applied linguistics, among others. 

Over the past decade, in particular, researchers have expanded their focus of research to include 

  • Design of informal learning environments 
  • Design of instructional methods 
  • Design of policy innovations 
  • Design of curricula 

Since learning sciences is still an emerging discipline, it is still in the process of defining itself. The Identity of the field is therefore multifaceted and can be seen varying from one institution to another. Researchers who are involved in the interdisciplinary field of LS study learning as it happens in the real world and facilities learning in environments that are specifically designed to be studied, such as in school, online, in the workplace, at home, or even in informal environments.

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